Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Reynolds Family 2012, from A to Z

I haven't been posting as often, because I've become more reliant on Facebook for family updates, but I realize some of you aren't on there. So, for those who are interested, here is a poem that we included in our Christmas cards for 2012:

The Reynolds Family, from A to Z
Alley –as in bowling alley, where Preston participates in a weekly junior league.
Baseball trip– Amy took in a couple of Memphis Redbirds games & Elvis’s Graceland with some friends.
Campaigning– what Amy is doing in the hopes of landing a spot on the Rochester school board.
Drums– Preston is in drum lessons, played in 6th grade jazz band last year & is now in the junior high band.
Enrietto– Shaling is 11 & in Mrs. Enrietto’s 5th grade class. Mrs. Enrietto was also Preston’s 5th grade teacher.
Float trip– with good friends, we enjoyed a 3-night camping trip, which included a day on the Meramec River.
Goodbye– earlier this month, we bid an earthly goodbye to Brock’s 94-year-old Grandma Devall.
Hoops– Brock continues to play basketball, as well as coach Shaling in various leagues.
Idol –Brock saw Springsteen concerts in Chicago & Louisville and got to touch Bruce’s guitar & hoist him up.
Junior high– Preston is 12 & in 7th grade at Rochester Junior High.
5K – as a family, we did the Girls on the Run 5K with Shaling & the In His Hands Orphans 5K (some walked).
Lessons– Shaling is taking piano lessons & is in 5th grade chorus. She gave up trumpet & drums.
Marco Island& Monticello– the two places where we visit Grandma & Grandpa Reynolds each year.
New sport– Shaling recently picked up the game of soccer.
Oval –the shape Preston ran (400 meter) in 6th grade track last spring.
Pigskin– the Rochester Rocket football team three-peated as state champions in November.
Quality time– what we just don’t seem to get enough of with family & friends.
Rochester– Amy continues to coach the Rochester High School scholastic bowl team.
Softball– Shaling still loves to catch, but with Dad as her coach, also picked up pitching this year.
Trivia– Amy planned and/or helped with several trivia fundraisers this year.
Unaccompanied– Brock & Amy (no kids) enjoyed a trip to Tunica, Mississippi. Brock later went again, solo.
Volleyball– Amy enjoyed a coed outdoor league this summer & Shaling played in a youth league.
Welcome– as avid Illini fans, we welcomed new football & basketball coaches.
Xylophone– one of many instruments Preston played at music camp at the University of Illinois this summer.
Yard –where we buried our beloved Braxtina, the cat we’d had since the summer we married (18 years).
Zero– the number of times we won the lottery, but thankfully not the amount on our paychecks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Metal Mouth (& Other Updates)

Shaling is getting braces this morning. In late 2011, she had two teeth cut out. The theory is that she lost some teeth prematurely in China and therefore, three teeth were trying to come in where only two teeth fit, but it was happening on both sides of her mouth. Now, the braces will help line those teeth  up. Additionally, like her dad, she has a bit of an underbite. As a youth, Brock was given the choice of braces or having his jaw broken and reset. He chose braces. He is most understanding of what she is about to experience, as I never had braces.
So far she is enthusiastic, but instead of that being a relief for me, it actually frustrates me a bit, as she doesn't truly listen to what the orthodontist and his staff are telling her. As it is a complex subject, the language barrier gets in the way, but she also plays around with the model of her teeth that they made, focuses on what she considers the "fun" parts, and tunes out the important stuff. I realize this is common child behavior, but I think a typical 11-year-old would absorb a lot more of what is being said and I simply wish she would be a bit more studious when the staff is talking to her.
In other news, she has become very enthusiastic about soccer, a sport that she once told me she didn't want to play because she wanted to be able to use her hands. She had a beautiful assist in a recent game and she hustles all over the field. She is currently also playing basketball & volleyball.
Preston recently made the junior high jazz band, which includes only 3 percussionists from 7th & 8th grade combined. He also is doing well in his weekly bowling league. His average is in the 80s, but he frequently bowls over 100 in at least one of his three games.
Brock is at a point of having to deeply contemplate giving up his beloved sport, basketball. He recently endured back spasms, a concussion, and torn ligaments in his shoulder.
I am doing well, but working hard at taking off the 2012 holiday pounds, which were bountiful.