Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Shaling!

Shaling was so excited about today being her birthday that she was walking around singing "Happy Birthday" to herself last night in anticipation. Just before bedtime, Dad & I gave her the present we bought her. We gave her a motorized scooter (like one Preston has) and we wanted her to be able to ride it when she got home from school today. We gave it to her early so it could be charged overnight and ready to go. Like most school days, I haven't seen her yet (I leave the house for work while everyone else is still sleeping), but Brock tells me she was riding it already this morning.

She doesn't know it yet, but I just set up a 4:30 hair appointment for her. There is a trend of wearing hair extensions made of feathers and I saw some hair extensions that were gems. I'm going to let her get a gem hair extension, as I think it will show up really well in her dark hair. Then, at 6:30, she has her roller skating party. I'm expecting 20 kids or so. I'm sure I'll pull all of my hair out remain sane. I'm also anxious to hear how she enjoyed her field trip to the Lincoln sites in New Salem today.

A brief pictorial reflection of her 10 years:

From roughly 2009, her referral photo (the first picture we saw of her):

Her name, Long Sha Ling, in Chinese characters.

Now she is Shaling Annabelle Reynolds

From roughly 2002 or 2003, pictures of the only baby pictures I've seen of her.

From roughly 2007, Shaling is in the front row, about four over from the left. Her head is turned and she is smiling. Her apron has a pink background and her Chinese character looks like a tilted T with an awareness ribbon next to it.

From roughly 2007, Shaling is in the pink t-shirt.

April 2010, about the time she was told she had a family coming to get her.

June 2010, the letter we received after sending her gifts and "introducing" ourselves.

October 2010, the letter we received after we sent her birthday gifts & cake.

November 2010, roughly one month before we got her. She is pictured with Ma HengXin (now Star Stowell).

December 27, 2010, "Gotcha Day" - the day we finally met her (with Ma MeiXin, now Natalie Reichenbach).

December 2010, our first family picture:

February 2011

May 2011, playing softball.

June 2011, at Camp CILCA.

September 2011, taking in her first Illini football game.


  1. Happy Birthday, Shaling - star stowell

  2. Looks like we're getting Cinderella hair, as the salon doesn't have the gem extensions.

  3. Happy 10th Birthday Shaling! Greetings from the Wilson Family in Cypress, Texas.