Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Videos

In addition to the pictures I posted yesterday, I took several videos with the Flip camera. Here are 4 samples.

Walking along a beach, looking for shells, & watching sandpipers:

Preston & Shaling help Grandma with a project:

Preston prepares for a career in civil engineering:

Dolphins surface near our boat:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Last week, we spent spring break (as is tradition) in Marco Island, Florida, visiting Grandma & Grandpa Reynolds. The weather was gorgeous every day we were there, and we took advantage by going on boat rides, visiting the beach, swimming in their pool, & more. Dad played tennis with Grandpa several times. Shaling & Preston got to go on a waverunner ride with Grandpa.

We also enjoyed some indoor activities. We went to church & Sunday school, enjoyed several delicious home cooked suppers, & ate out for lunch everyday. One night, Grandma & Grandpa went to see Tony Bennett perform, while the four of us took in a family movie (The Lorax). The movie theater in Marco is a restaurant & theater all in one. We were seated at a table & chairs and ordered our food (including traditional movie theater popcorn) off of a menu. The kids had supper (corn dogs & pizza). Other available items include burger baskets, shrimp baskets, & a variety of sandwiches. The adults can even order beer or wine.

Both kids traveled very well. There was some minor bickering during the exhausting car ride, but it was minimal, typical, & brief. Heck, I would call it normal. They were also great while in Florida -- in fact, I thought they may both grow fins or gills at some point with all of the swimming they did.

Our trip began with a small cloud of frustration. We were supposed to fly from Springfield to Punta Gorda (just outside of Ft. Myers), but 4 days before our trip, DirectAir (the airline we were using) shutdown operations across the country. We aren't even sure at this point if we're going to get our money back. I confess to being upset about it, but overall, things could have been worse. Several travelers were stranded at their destinations & DirectAir did nothing to help them with alternate travel. At least we had warning. Plus, people with far worse problems than alternating their vacation plans would probably love to be in our shoes.

I knew I had taken a blog hiatus; I didn't realize HOW long. Wow. The kids are keeping us busy. Preston is in track & still in drum lessons. His Saturday morning bowling is still going as well. Shaling is in volleyball & a Girls on the Run program (preparing for a 5K). We are busy too. Brock plays basketball roughly 3 times a week. I attend at least 1 meeting a week. I'm also in the midst of planning 2 fundraisers for June.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Our first "pit stop" was in Metropolis, Illinois.

Yay, we made it!

Grandma & Grandpa's house

one of our favorite restaurants

Shaling & Preston each take a turn driving the boat.

We had a fun morning at the beach.

The kids take a stab at playing tennis.

We saw some wildlife.

Grandma's favorite chameleon, "Red", who hangs out in the front yard.

a blue heron

a burrowing tortoise

a pair of eagles

Grandma & Grandpa's pool

the waverunner ride

Shaling caught a catfish.

Shaling rides Grandpa's "motorcycle".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

License to Kill...Your Own Child

Wow. I am sickened & disgusted by this article that appeared in a current issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics: After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

The gist of the piece is that newborn babies have no more right to life than fetuses. The position of the piece is that fetuses & newborn babies are "potential humans". Since they (fetuses & newborns) don't realize that they have life, if the parents determine that raising the child would be burdensome, they should have the right to terminate, even post-birth.

I obviously find this to be gruesome & horrifying, so I won't belabor the point with a lengthy piece on it. I'll just leave room for others to comment.