Friday, December 31, 2010

Long Gang Visit Pictures, Part 3 - Simulated Family & School

Yu Bei, who will be coming to Illinois soon, peeks around the corner.
Yu Bei, Shaling & Natalie

Though Shaling is pointing up, the lower bunk here was her bed.
The award she received for her English progress
I think this little girl is desperate to be adopted...very talkative and craving for attention.

Li Qian, who will also be going to the United States soon.

This is the roof of their building. It appears that they process their meat, dry out their laundry, and keep their own garden here.

Snapshots of Shaling on the wall

Connie explains to Yu Bei that she will live just two or three hours from Shaling.

The kids line up on the balcony to tell us all "bye-bye, bye-bye"!

Shaling poses in front of her school.

Long Gang Visit Pictures, Part 2 - Miscellaneous

The snapshots we were allowed to take

The paper which describes where and when Shaling was found

Shaling's baby pictures

A glimpse at our traffic jam

We stopped at a gas station for a "rest stop" once. We allowed the kids to get one treat each. Natalie picked these chicken feet. Carl & family were looking forward to taking photos of her some day soon when she ate them.

Long Gang Visit Pictures, Part 1 - Main Orphanage

Brock, holding our gifts to the staff & kids, stands in front of the orphanage upon our arrival.

Luo Jun & Luo Xing

Kim sent gifts for these two girls (from their soon-to-be parents).

Luo Jun loved looking through the pictures his parents sent.
The orphanage staff

Luo Xing (Joey)
The building which houses newborns to 3-year-olds
Brock & Joey

Family of 5?
Family of 6?
An "uncle", Brock, Amy, Preston, Carl, Shaling, Matt, Natalie, Andrew & an "auntie"