Friday, May 17, 2013

English Progress Update

When Shaling first started school at Rochester, she was given an English proficiency exam to determine her need for E.L.L. (English Language Learner) services. That was in January 2011. Each January since, she has been given the test again to gauge her progress. Even though she takes the test in January, we (and the school) don't receive the scores until May (the test is sent off to be scored somewhere else).

This year, the day of the test was not a good day for Shaling. For deeply personal reasons, she was intensely distracted. The teacher (Mrs. Bivens) warned me at the time that this probably affected Shaling's scores. Based on Shaling's results (which you can see below), I believe that her Listening score was definitely affected, but I'm not concerned at all, because I find her other scores to be outstanding.

All scores are out of 6.0.

Her score jumps are mighty impressive to me. In order to "graduate" from E.L.L. services, she will need at least a 4.2 for Literacy (which she has already reached) and a Composite score of 4.8 (she is at 3.9). Not bad for only two years into learning the language. Way to go, girl!

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