Monday, May 6, 2013

Shaling's Growth - Put in Numbers

When describing Shaling's growth to people, I have been telling them that in just over two years, she's grown roughly 10 inches or more. I've often showed them the following two pictures (which I keep on my phone) for comparison. The first one was taken on Gotcha Day (the day we got her), December 27, 2010. The second one was taken in February of this year -- just over two years later. Check out how Preston towers over her in the first one and how much that has changed by the second one.

Well, now I have some numbers to back my estimate up. In this blog post from New Year's Day 2011, Shaling went to the doctor in China for a physical before we could bring her to America. I included this picture, which shows her standing on a scale:

She weighed 25.5 kilograms, which converts to roughly 56 pounds, and stood 127.5 centimeters tall, which converts to roughly 50 inches. Yesterday, I had the kids stand in front of a measuring strip by the door at Steak & Shake. Shaling is now WELL over 5 feet tall (60.5 inches), so my 10-inch to  a foot taller estimate was pretty accurate. Shaling neglected to smile, so the picture isn't very good, and she made me promise not to post it, so I won't. At home, I had her stand on the scale before bedtime and according to that scale, she now weighs 91 pounds. The girl knows how to eat!


  1. Doesn't make you wonder how big our girls would be if they had eaten healthy from the start?!

  2. Awesome! I remember when you had a hard time getting her to eat. What a wonderful blessing.