Saturday, January 1, 2011

Medical Exam & More

On Saturday, we went to the medical center for Shaling's TB test and her medical exam. They told her in Chinese that they needed to stick a needle in her arm and she quickly pulled her sleeve up, offered up her arm & smiled. We were amazed at her bravery. After her height & weight check, the doctor examined her. The doctor called for two other doctors to also look at her. They all closely examined her thighs. After reviewing the previous Chinese medical report that diagnosed her with rickets, they were trying very hard to find any sign of it, but could not. They told me "nothing there." My guide told us that they gave her a perfectly clean bill of health. Her vision was 20/20 and her hearing was excellent as well.

After shopping for some jade and spending time at a busy market in the center of town, we returned to Shamian Island for lunch. This time our guide joined us and did the ordering. We shared a wide variety of dishes. The girls especially liked broasted pigeon.

Back in the room last night, we discovered that Shaling knows her English days of the week, as she recited "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday". Combine that with knowing her alphabet, her colors, and how to count to 50, and she's got a good springboard for school. She can also read most English words, even if she doesn't know what they mean, so she knows her English sounds very well. This gives me hope that she'll be able to expand her vocabulary quickly.

Shaling shows off the mark from her TB test.

Shaling steps on the scale for her height & weight check. She weighs approximately 56 pounds.

Shaling takes her eye exam. Note that instead of letters, the chart is hands that point different directions.

The various dishes we ate at lunch with our guide.

Preston shows off his chopsticks skills.

Shaling, Natalie & our guide, Connie

the girls favorite dish, broasted pigeon

Preston & Shaling pose in our hotel lobby.

Preston & Shaling pose in front of an um, interesting, fountain.

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